Trademark Infringement


Oscar Wilde thinks “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

I think it’s bullshit.

In the corporate world it’s trademark infringement. T.I. cases are challenging to say the least – which is why companies like this skirt the law, because leveraging an existing brand builds awareness faster and helps sustain their brand’s memorability.

Can I make a logical + strategic case for trademark infringement? Yes.

Should I? No. It’s unethical. 

If this happened to you personally – you’d sue me for identity theft.

If your agency or design shop comes to you with a trademark infringement strategy or tactic, think very long and very hard. What does that (behavior) say about you personally, about you as a brand manager or about the brands you manage?  

What you put out in slices will come back to you in loaves.

Be careful what you “put out”.