Master Chef + Master Chef Jr.


For the second season now my wife and I have been watching these three shows. The American adult + Jr. versions of Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey + Christina Tosi as well as the Canadian edition of Master Chef with Alvin Leung, Claudio Aprile & Michael Bonacini.

When I watch the adults cook I’m amazed at who comes out of the closet to compete for the recognition that they believe will enable them to quit their day jobs and make the (financially successful) transition from home chef to Master Chef: firemen, heavy equipment operators, plumbers + pipefitters, insurance brokers – the list goes on and on. But it never includes folks who have regular exposure to the professional side of restaurant life. 

When I watch the kids cook I’m amazed at what they create.

The adults are cooking to win and the kitchen sizzles with the nervous energy that comes from the fear of being back of the pack – and asked to go home.

The Jr. Chef’s kitchen is filled with joy, excitement + collaboration. It would seem that they haven’t been taught to be nasty (yet). Watching them reminds me of the famous Picasso quote: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child.” Picasso invites us to open all of our senses, and allow all of our sensory experiences to merge in order to experience the world in far more - and more extraordinary ways. Just like we did when we were young.

Picasso invites us to stay curious.

Stay pure and innocent.

Live a simple and straight forward life.

Say what we think, especially when it's important, making sure we are heard. 

And to stay “forever young”.

As creative project and process managers I would encourage you all to cultivate a physical space and a mental place that protects and nurtures this kind safe, creative, productive and cooperative environment.