Honesty leads to integrity + more business

Frequently the strategic + design recommendations I make worry those I support because they fear that my approach will prompt the client to fire their agency.

I tell them not to worry, to work through my strategic and creative thinking slowly and carefully with the client. I ask them to “help them see what I see. They’ll agree with me and thank you for your efforts.”

It’s not an easy sell – but it’s the right sell.

The other day I got this note from one of my clients who was presenting my thinking to her client:

“We presented your findings this week. Knowing the client, we left in a lot of your "frank" notes. They loved it and appreciated the direct nature of your review and feedback. The client actually said "I love Frank!" They are now considering having us do a complete overhaul of XXXXXXXXXXXX, which I am currently putting together the proposal for.” 

It’s been my experience over the last 40 years that professional + objective honesty contributes to a strong professional relationship foundation that enables the agency and the client to collaborate and do far better work. And when you help build their business you build yours as well.