Why give a shit?


Today anyone can download a bit of free software and use a wide selection of image editing tools to create credible looking communications; be it an ad, a post-card or a package design. Better yet digital print shops will print respectable looking copies of your work on a wide variety of substrates for a pittance.

But a lot of the stuff I see today – in papers, online, and in stores misses the mark for one reason. Bad copy. This is just one example.

Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way.

Maybe X% of the people don’t care that there are spelling mistakes in the copy.

And maybe X% of the people don’t see them because they’re just learning English or French.

And maybe X% don’t see them because, while they speak either English or French fluently, they haven’t written more than a few sentences themselves since they graduated high-school.

As you pursue your "fast + cheap" marketing mandate, please consider this: about 40% of all Canadians have some higher education degree. These people need to be able to read + write well to do well in their chosen white-collar professions. They represent the people with the highest personal, house-hold and disposable incomes. They are the ones who shop for quality items rather than cheap ones. They can afford to be loyal to your brand and refer the brand to their friends + families. These people are your brand ambassadors and your opinion leaders. This is the group who, like me, will associate poor marketing + advertising with poor product quality + service. To these 40% the good copy matters.

When you don’t give a shit, a large percentage of those who can afford to be loyal to your product and buy your product (frequently) walk away. To them you’re not a brand anymore, you're just a product that will be bought as long as the price is right.

Small things, like giving a shit about copy, can lead to big, long lasting, sustainable advantages.