The Playbook


I was 31 in the summer of 1986  when my brothers and I went to my Dad’s retirement lunch. 

No fancy dinner, no gold watch, no retirement bonus. Just one free lunch for a dozen or so well-wishers.

On that day he parked a large block of acquired knowledge and wisdom that he began collecting in the fall of 1954 when, at the age of 33, he his wife and their five children immigrated to Canada from Germany. Before the war, he had been a Cabinet Maker working in the same workshop that his father and grandfather had honed their talents in. 

Here he had to retool and eventually became a Construction Superintendent: he was the man in charge of building some of Toronto's large office towers on time and budget - and then maintaining them. Shortly after he retired he went back to his first love - cabinet making. He made + rebuilt a variety of pieces for my mother, himself and other family members.

It bothered me then, and when he died twenty-two years later, that all of the personal and professional knowledge would not be passed on. I was too young and busy with my own life and my career to figure out how to tap into all of that knowledge without putting my own life and career on hold. But each time a senior resource retired I saw a lifetime of invaluable brand equity being poured into the gutter without a second thought.    

And now it’s my turn.

It’s October 2020 and I just retired. 

And just in time for my professional departure for the advertising world I've found a very smart + simple solution to my knowledge transfer dilema. It’s called a Playbook. Sports team coaches have been using them for years. On or offline, they're a wonderful way for your company to capture all of the key business lessons that enable you to flatten the learning curve for those who will follow in your footsteps. Playbooks imporve your odds of winning the day, are good for moral, your clients and your business’s long term viability. 


Use a search engine to serve up a wide variety of examples + how-to guides.   


Start writing yours soon - time flies when you’re having fun.