Introduction to Charlie's Art


One of Charlie’s most endearing qualities was his flair for art and soft sculpture. His best works were composed at night when he could work alone without interruption. His multi-media sculptures transcend time and place, and were informed by internationally acclaimed artists. I’ve included some of our favorites because his art is such a wonderful way in which to broaden perspectives. 




This soft sculpture, inspired by Henry Moore’s Archer (City Hall, Toronto) reminds us that what goes around, eventually comes around. Every thought. Every planet. And it’s why Love, Peace and Understanding are fundamental to our individual & collective journeys.




Can a sock become art? What a question! The correct answer is: “Absolutely! When it’s presented in a manner that invites us to look at & feel differently about the subject.” In this case, Charlie folded my sock in a special way and then laid in front of it in a classic Sphinx-pose and stared at it for about an hour. For that time-period the artist was one with his installation. Not with my sock.


Spiritual alignment


Charlie often gathers the people and things he loves most around him to quickly fill our home with more peace, love and understanding. By encouraging us to move in harmony with nature, and towards the greater good, our burdens become lighter, our journeys are made easier and we also become a little bit wiser.





It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the race for more - but for what? Especially if it doesn’t even make you happier. A ball and Rhonda, our name for Charlie’s favourite comforter, were two of his five* favourite possessions. Together they give him joy, security and comfort.    * The top five are: Michelle, Frank, Teddy, Rhonda and Ball.



No cigar


We see, hear, smell, feel and taste, that which we’re attuned to. We need to believe that there’s something out there if we are to search for + eventually discover it. Some of you will look at this picture and see a collar, lead and ball laying on a carpet. You’re right. Even Sigmund Freud believed that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  But this is no cigar. This is a recurring message from Charlie to me:  “lets go for a walk. Bring that ball.”  





This is Charlie’s interpretation of two time-less works of art; Michelangelo's Pieta (Rome) and Sarah Bernhardt’s After the Storm (Washington D.C.), also inspired by the Pieta. Charlie is revealing two emotions that his species shares with ours: love and grief.





This temporary installation features some of his favorite things; one of my gloves, Teddy wearing Charlie’s first collar, two of his leads and a ball. Look closely and you’ll see how this work references the ancient geoglyphs found in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. You’ll find parallels in terms of form, compass orientation and intention. And while Charlie’s lines are much smaller than those created by the Nazca culture, the message behind his are just as mysterious and elusive as theirs.



Vision, intention & passion


Calm your mind. Organize your thoughts and things before you start any new project. Be clear about what you want and why. Then tell your story with passion and conviction.


The artist & his muse


Charlie was my constant companion and creative muse for the 141⁄2 years that we had together. Teddy was his for the 14 years that they had together.



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