Say no to Black Friday

say no to black friday

Across North America everybody wants more of everything faaster and cheaper than ever. Plus they want the vendor to absorb increases in carrying costs, inflation and shipping. Oh yeah - they also want a "no questions asked" lifetime guarantee. And amid the onlging Covid 19 lock-downs they also want all their stuff delivered for free. 

To satisfy this insane desire for more cheap food, goods and services, we’ve sent millions of jobs and billions of (C+US) dollars overseas. In the process we've taught our kids that if you shop online you can find whatever it is you want cheaper.

Not better, just cheaper.

We’ve also taught our kids that most manufacturing jobs are not worth doing or having.

Now they're impossible to do at all in North America because our workers want to earn a fair wage (and rightfully so), but the desire for cheap, cheaper and cheapest products and services (rather than good, better and best products + services) has shuttered industries and laid waste to cities, towns and individuals all across America and Canada.

Where will this end?

When companies don't earn decent profit margins their foundations crumble.

  • They cannot compete and pay the best and brightest.
  • They cut back on the full time staff, along with training, development and employee benefits.
  •  Then full time staff are rehired as part-time staff with no benefits.
  • They can no longer afford to do research and development.
  • Without leading edge research and development their managers blindly follow the “best practices” of their competitors, and fail because they can't create or defend any sort of relevant USP.
  • Part time staff juggle two, sometimes three, jobs to make ends meet. "Employee loyalty" dies along with any remaining brand loyalty - often because they can't afford the products and services they produce.
  • Because they are just making ends meet, time and money to support the arts in their community and those who are less fortunate also declines.
  • It impacts their time with family and friends - as well as their physical + mental health.
  • Because the business is marginal, it has no rainy-day savings fund to get the business and the  staff through these tough Covid 19 times.
  • And the shit-list goes on and on and on.

As a business owner . . . why not charge a fair price and invest the profits in your people, your communities, your industries and your home and native land?

As a consumer . . . why not shop locally and pay a fair price so that the businesses in your community can invest in the community it serves?