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6P Marketing   

“. . . we left in a lot of your 'frank' notes. They loved it and really appreciated the direct nature of your review and feedback. The client actually said 'I love Frank!' They are now considering having us do a complete overhaul of . . .
Katie Doerksen, Marketing Service Manager, 6P Marketing


6P Marketing   

“Your approach to this project, combined with your image options and directional copy was brilliant. It allowed 6P to take the client on a journey on how their brand could be expressed. The client was engaged throughout the presentation and used the word GREAT. It's never come out of his mouth in a meeting before.”
Tracey Winch, Director of Client Services, 6P Marketing


9 to 5 Health + Fitness

". . . You've given me a tangible roadmap to develop my brand and my business focus. You are a wonderful teacher. You've helped me bring my logo direction, website and presentations in line with my overall vision . . ."
Toni Blay, Owner + Performance Coach, 9to5 Health + Fitness


TBC Canada Inc.

"Thanks for everything. You are a tribute to your profession."
Ted Cullen, V.P. Operations, TBC Canada Inc.


Number TEN architectural group

Barbara Myers, BA MCP MPPI, Director of Business Development, Number TEN Architectural Group



“We have had some great success over the past number of months since you assisted us. We are still learning, but I wanted to thank you for your insights and the foundation that you helped us build. It has proven to help us tell our story and differentiate from the rest of the industry.”
Jamie Marcellus, RN, MBA, President, HumanaCare


MacLaren McCann Advertising

“He always gets me thinking . . .”
Howard Breen, CEO, MacLaren McCann


Innovate by Day

“Frank is a strategic and tactical communicator. He drills down and gets you thinking, planning and working better."
Deborah Day, Digital and Social Media Strategist, Digital Media Producer, Innovate by Day


Margaret Frazer House

“Knows how, where and when to push to get the most out and bring out the best in individuals to ensure the important ‘quiet talkers’ are also heard. He guides groups around topics and ideas to bring divergent thoughts and puzzle pieces together.”
Diane Walter, Director, Margaret Frazer House


Honda Canada

“I'm here now and could not have done it without you.”
Mark Campbell, Promotions Analyst, Honda Canada


Sound Source | Standard Interactive | Astral iMedia

“Frank took a highly complex concept and repurposed it for presentation to a large diversified group with varying agendas with remarkable results. A highly skilled individual that can break complex ideas down to digestible bits.”
Jean-Marie Heinrath, President, Sound Source and Standard Interactive


Homeward Real Estate Brokerage   

“Frank helped me understand what sets me apart from all other agents. The ‘Brand Positioning’ and communications work that he does for me have made me a more professional sales representative, and it's also made me more ME!”
Michelle Convey, Sales Representative, Homeward Real Estate Brokerage


Ogilvy & Mather

“a solid leader, guiding me, the team, and clients through what could be challenging times. His ability to understand core business issues and the people issues behind them makes him stand out.”
Ernst Flach, Account Supervisor, Ogilvy and Mather Canada


Critical Mass

“Frank knows advertising. He knows communications. And he’s Rock-Solid!”
Mark Szabo, Planning Director, Critical Mass



“an excellent leader that brings insight and knowledge to any account. He dedicates time & effort to build and mentor the teams that report to him. He's a strong leader, manager and a valuable asset to any organization.”
Vito Greto, Group Director, EM, Organic Incorporated


General Motors of Canada

“You're there. No one else is. You understand service. The others at McLaren don't.”
Jim Racknor, ON and MB Zone Manager, General Motors Canada Limited 


General Motors of Canada

“Your "Tire Wall" design's impact as of May 2006, national calendar year to date: Tires sales are UP 25%.”
Anna Shusterman, Marketing, Service Parts Operations, General Motors Canada Limited


General Motors of Canada

Without your vision, commitment and your ability to focus the Brand and the Regional Marketing Teams around a common vision, we simply would not be where we are today in terms of part sales, labour sales, customer + dealer satisfaction or market share.”

Glenn Fitzpatrick, General Director, Service Parts Operations
Peter Bannon, Marketing Director, Customer Support Services, General Motors Canada Limited


General Motors of Canada

“In all my years in business no one comes close to your expertise in organizing and running a dealer meeting. I appreciate everything that you have done for me and my constituents. I'm a better person for having been associated with you.”
Bill Atkinson, Dealer, Applewood Cadillac + Director, GM Goodwrench Marketing Association


General Motors of Canada

“The GM Dealers have developed a complete feeling of trust and comfort with your direction of their account. That comfort comes from two things. One being a meshing of all our ‘styles’, the other being the experience factor…”
Jim Racknor, Ontario Goodwrench Manager, General Motors of Canada Limited


Hertz Canada Limited

“Frank's a strong strategic thinker who can dissect a problem, situation or creative brief with the precision that only years of agency + client experience can bring to the job. He's a calming influence on others, a solid individual – someone you can trust with your business.”
George MacPherson, National Marketing Manager, Hertz Canada Limited


Hertz Canada Limited

“Please cancel the remaining commitment of Toronto weekend advertising. The program has been very successful and has gained a momentum which will sustain itself without the need for further advertising”
George MacPherson, National Marketing Manager, Hertz Canada Limited


Domino’s Pizza

“The level of commitment to excellence in everything he does is truly rare and very special. He is extremely bright, and wants to know everything there is to know about the business he is assigned. Frank Wehrmann personifies the level of excellence demanded by clients today.”
Richard Miller, Account Director, Ross Roy Franchise


Domino’s Pizza

“The sales increases seen by Domino’s Pizza of Canada can be attributed in part to Frank Wehrmann’s initiative and hard work.”
Mark Wicken, Divisional Vice President of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza of Canada


Black’s Photography

“  . . . Bryan Black called to thank the team for a “super job”. The media plan was buttoned-down, well researched, and demonstrated innovative thinking and a clear understanding of the client’s business.”
Anita Saliss, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Group Account Director Saffer Advertising



“. . . we were able to do what the Client wanted done, working to an impossible schedule. The logistical job that you and Murray Lamont did in getting out a ‘pub-set’ ad to almost 100 newspapers overnight was a big ask that demonstrated our superior problem solving skills“.
Fred Stroud, Account Director, Baker Lovick Advertising


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