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Because all you say and all you do helps your customers believe that they have come to the right place, or the wrong place, I design communications around your sustainable operational advantage(s).


Here's how I help people + brands achieve their objectives.


The Discovery Session. Because good work takes time, candor and trust I start with a discovery session that frames your challenge and helps me determine if I can help you come up with a sustainable business or brand building advantage that will make sense to you and your audience.


Leadership Development & Support. I provide leadership and training support to Brand Managers, Creative and Media Directors that want to make a meaningful difference and are committed to doing so. If you want to improve the manner in which you communicate with the teams and brands that you manage and are interested in the most appropriate, sustainable communication practices for your brands and organization, this service is for you.


Clear Vision. Clear vision is everything. Without it you’re just playing bumper cars on the road of life. While it can be a fun way to explore your options, it’s not a good way to get ahead. Nothing of significance is achieved without a clear, compelling vision.


Smart Strategies. My creative + media strategies connect the organization's present location to its desired destination on intellectual, emotional and practical levels. My smart strategies make sense in the context of your brand’s terrain, culture and community.


Practical Tactics. Because all you say and all you do helps your customers believe that they have come to the right place or the wrong place, my practical (creative + channel) tactics make your operations, not your price point, the super hero because price is what you talk about when there's nothing left to say. And if price is all you've got to talk about, I'm not the man you want to talk to. Sorry.


Positioning, Reframing and Repositioning. This process is based on Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), the art of change developed and taught by Dr. Richard Bandler + John Grinder. These transformational grammar tools can be used to engage staff, improve productivity, heighten customer satisfaction, boost customer loyalty and ramp up repeat sales when they are employed correctly to lay a transformational foundation for long lasting, positive cultural change.

  • Positioning supports your USP. 
  • Re-framing changes how you look at customers. 
  • Repositioning changes how they look at you.


Consumer Research Design + Management. Great brands are built and led by well-informed visionaries, and not by ignorant gatekeepers. My services include the design and the interpretation of proprietary, syndicated, qualitative and quantitative research as well as the design and management of bridging-research with respected international research houses like Ipsos Reid™ and J.D. Power™ as well as local organizations like Millward Brown™. At the other end of the spectrum I create small, affordable research tools to help even the smallest organization understand why their customers love them or leave them.


Personal Leadership Branding. This service helps women + men who want to be leaders understand who they are, what they have to offer and how to bundle and position themselves. This is not about getting liked more on Facebook™ or Linkedin™. Personal leadership branding is about your long term professional journey: finding + going your own way, and sticking to it.


In-Box Thinking. Sometimes you just need a reality check or an objective ear from someone who is not trying to claw their way past you on the corporate ladder. I hear you, and I am here for you.


The way of the Jedi. You know what this is + you know who you are. 



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