Use My Mind For A Change.

I use metaphors to help my clients find and explore the great mental divide between what is and what can be. 

Their epiphanies help me develop clear, compelling visions, smart strategies and practical communication tactics that enable and empower my clients to achieve their objectives. 

I am a holistic communications problem solver who explores, provokes and challenges the status quo with a gift for turning the sometimes-tedious process of developing integrated communication programs into a dynamic leadership, team and brand building experience that lays solid track for future endeavors.

My Brand is called Counter Culture Communications because operations and communications come together at the service counter. Or not.

Your service team is your Counter Culture. They support your operations by delivering all of your operational customer facing advertising and communication promises. All that they say and do helps your customers believe that they have come to the right place . . . or the wrong place.

Your internal + customer facing communications must be congruent with operations to showcase your brand advantage(s).

I’m not a fan of ‘best practices’ because they define the obvious path that the majority of people follow.

Great people and great brands march to their own drums and carve their own paths.