Lessons on Life inspired by Charlie


Soon this page will feature over 50 lessons on life inspired by Charlie.

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Last week Charlie + I played our last game of snowballs for the season because the last of the spring snow is all gone. But if you go into the shaded forests that we like to walk through there are still some ice-paths; they're the summer paths that become the winter paths and over the course of the winter the snow on those paths turns to dense ice and is the last bit of winter to melt away.

On either side of these (six foot wide) ice-paths there's dried grass from last fall to walk on. But Charlie slips and slides along the ice-paths because that's the path he always takes. 

Sound familiar? Look familiar? Feel familiar?  Old habits die hard.

Sometimes I too catch myself moving or thinking along an old path while there are better paths right in front of me.



Soon this page will feature many more lessons on life inspired by Charlie. Stay linked. 
















Charles Convey 2002 - 2017


Charlie died at 7:00 PM, Saturday June 24, 2017. In our last eleven years together I worked from home. Charlie hung around my office as I worked, was at my side on our three daily walks and at Michelle’s feet at night. We took over 14,000 walks together and covered over 25,000 kilometers. For the time we had together I’m eternally grateful. 




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