Communication vision, strategy and tactics are what I do. How I do them is unique. Here’s an overview.

The Long Interview

Because good work takes time, candor, transparency and trust I always start with a [long] discovery session.


Clear vision is everything. Nothing of significance is achieved without a clear, compelling vision. You need to see it and believe it in order to be motivated to achieve it.

Strategic Thinking

My strategies are personalized brand travel itineraries designed to connect your brand’s present situation to the desired destination on the intellectual, emotional and practical planes because great strategies inspire the heart and mind to work towards the compelling vision.


Because all you say and all you do helps your customers believe that they have come to the right place or the wrong place, my communication tactics are designed to make your operations, not your price point, the hero. 

Talk about price only when you have nothing else to say. 

Blue Highways

For those who are looking for a forum that leads individuals and groups to new ways of seeing, thinking and doing things on the highways and byways of life, this process is for you. Blue highways can help organizations and individuals decide if they should take the road less traveled or stick to the interstates.

Positioning, Reframing and Repositioning

This process is based on the fundamental insights found in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), the art of change developed and taught by Dr. Richard Bandler. NLP can be used to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and sales because it lays such solid groundwork for long lasting, positive cultural change.

  • Positioning clarifies your corporate vision and USP.
  • Reframing changes how you look at your customers, and
  • Repositioning changes how they look at you.


In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. Good research supports good management and is the genesis for superior brand strategies and effective tactics. Great brands are built and led by well informed visionaries – not by ignorant penny-pinching gatekeepers. Free research, especially many of today’s online white papers can be lethal because the data is biased. As are the free “Best Practice Studies” and “Top Ten” reports posted on Linked In™. Most of it has nothing to do with your business or your brand. Many sites are just trading old, useless information for a chance to send you their boring newsletter.

My corporate research experience includes the design and the interpretation of proprietary, syndicated, qualitative and quantitative research as well as the design and management of bridging research with respected local and international research houses like Ipsos Reid™ and Millward Brown™. 

At the other end of the spectrum, I have developed countless survey tools to help small organizations understand why their customers love them or leave them.

Forensic Communication Audits

When sales drop and brands flop forensic audits can help you understand what went wrong and why. Forensic Communication Audits are a smart, insightful tool designed to get your brand back on a relevant track quickly. Please note: this service is not designed to help you point fingers. It’s designed for organizations that want to make the good better, and the better best.

Personal Branding

Professionally, this process helps those of influence understand who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re the best person to deal with. Personally, this is not about social media best practices. It’s about your human journey, finding your own voice, and marching to your own drum. 

In-Box Thinking

Sometimes you just want or need a reality check or an objective ear. I hear you and I’m here for you.


My gift for metaphors helps me elevate personal conversations and professional discussions, and direct them into an intelligent process of decision making without being harsh or offensive.




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