Travel and Re-invention


Later today I’ll be boarding a plane that takes me to Wanganui, New Zealand to spend a few weeks with Enid - my very best friend in the world - who I haven't seen in years!

I’m pretty excited about it because of all the unknowns. For lots of reasons I have not had the time to make any plans of any kind. What a rush!

When we come to understand that change is not an enemy but a new friend that increases our knowledge, perspective and abilites, change gets easier.

Even if change means leaving stuff you think you can’t live with-out behind.

Change is good.



I used to hate the fall because it signaled the end of the long hot days of summer. But as I got older I spent more time doing stuff and less time laying on the beach – so I stopped missing the really hot weather. Now and in part due to Charlie, I prefer the fall and see it as my ancestors did. as a time of harvest – for both thought and deed. The last quarter of the year before winter brings growth and change to a freezing halt and kills off the old, making way for the spring’s new growth.

Change takes time and the fall is a great time to open the doors of your mind to changes you can begin now and act upon in the spring. You’ll have all winter to sit back and sweat the details.

As we and the brands we care for get older we become more resistant to change.

Get over it.

Go grow!


Sarah just finished my new website, which looks wonderful! Sara is my web-fairy hero who I just love working with at 6P Marketing. I challenge her – and she challenges me. This is her latest challenge for me. And this is my first step!

Post-script: July 20, 2012

Sarah has just completed my latest site and I'm transfering my blog from my old site's Wordpress blog into my new "white-site" Joomla blog. Yikes all over again.

Stone Angels


Today we went to St. Norbert to tidy up my wife’s family plot. Next week we’ll add the ashes of her father. I took some pictures of stone angels while I was there. I love the serenity and the diverse expressions of faith that stand guard over final resting places long after extended families have moved on.

These silent memorials help to remind me that life is short and needs to be lived now.

I don’t find cemeteries sad places until I come upon the resting place of a child.

Organic Apples

The most unexpected part of moving to Winnipeg has been the apple trees.
Hot and cold weather bridged by swarms of mosquitoes in the summer and flocks of geese in the fall is what I was promised.
But the apple trees in my neighborhood signal the beginning, and end, of summer.

When I throw them, Charlie loves to chase them and bite them when he finally catches them.

Me? I LOVE having a nice cold and sweet one on my early morning walks with Charlie.

Apples – who knew!