Every fall the apple trees along the Scarborough Bluffs give up their fruit to the local inhabitants - including deer, opossums, birds, field mice - and Charlie. While the summer is his time to hunt for tennis balls in the local tennis courts, the Fall refocuses Charlie's nose to a new 'ball' one that has all the appeal of a tennis ball - plus three others: they’re smaller, faster - and edible. While the first harvest of bitter apples is one to be chased and hunted for in the tall grass, the last sweet harvest is one to be eaten slowly and quietly lying in grass covered by cool morning dew.




Charlie and I took a walk in the park this afternoon. On our way back I saw a woman, who was sitting with a friend, interrupt their conversation so she could call Charlie over for a visit. Oddly enough Charlie approached her reluctantly. That's rare. But once he was in reach the woman cuddled and fondled Charlie as though he was her long lost pet. She then told us that she had lost a dog much like Charlie a few years ago.

For the next half hour I stood back and watched her play with, and be healed a bit by, Charlie. When it was time to leave she held Charlie close to her one more time, wished him a long, healthy life and blessed him with her tears.

Today Charlie helped me learn that blessings surround us, but remain a mystery and at bay if we are not open to them.



Michelle + Charlie







A birthday card from Toby to Helga

A birthday card from Toby, a 1 year old poodle, to his owner Helga, 91.

toby - april 2012



My First Website

These are the first and last pages of it. It seems like AGES ago that I designed and loaded it, when in fact it was only the Summer of 2005. How time flies when you're having fun (online).

While your looking at these pages on a site that I designed in the Fall of 2012, not much has changed. While this site is built on a more sophisticated platform, I still love designing sites and blogs with lots of white space and bits of spot colour. My focus + passion also remain the same: service related advertising that shines a light on great operations - not great dicsounts. I'm also into "Brand fidelity", not just brand loyaty.

My orrigional HOME and P.S. pages: