Changing + declining brand values


I grew up in a very religious Christian household. Sunday was a day of rest + worship. I got to wear my best cloths to church and read out of the books that helped parishioners keep the faith; the bible, the hymnals and the catechism.

Compared to other books in our home, the quality of these three spiritual reference books was far superior to the school books and storybooks that we had at home – except maybe our Encyclopedia Britannica – the forerunner of the world wide web.

Religious books were manufactured, distributed, used and cared for differently. Those differences helped make them special. And special = premium priced.

When I saw this box lid in the garbage, it reminded me of how fundamental religion was in my grandparent’s generation (1890 – 1970), how its hold on secular society was challenged and altered in my parent’s generation (1920 – 2010) and how it’s become deconstructed, devalued and commoditized in my generation (1950’s to present).

Along the way the “value” of many religious brands, and many other brands we once held dear, have changed, declined - or died.

Many mass produced products have become ubiquitous and can no longer defend a premium brand or price proposition because cheaper does not equal better.

“Everything Christian For Less” puts a whole new spin on the price + value of your relationship with God.




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Adopt This Brand Philosophy

This is your brand.

It’s something or someplace that your customers should love to be with. If you don’t care for it, why should they? If your brand is getting stale, change it up. If you don’t care for it, quite and make room for those that do. Go meet your customers where they love + use your brand because great brand. Where it makes people feel better and offers enduring value. Great brands ride high on the waves of public opinion, they support the things we love and help us get through the tough stuff. They can start days, conversations, romance and conflict. And they can help end them too. They can ignite and fuel the passion that helps us make the most of ourselves and every moment of our lives. Great brands encourage us to give of ourselves - "to go high when others go low." They give back to our families, our communities, our country and make the world a better place for us and our children. They are good + wholesome. They're built to last and infused with dynamic passion because when passion dies brands fade away.

So be bold + brave. Be passionate.

Be filled with anticipation and wonder because your brand could change the world for the better today.