From June 2005 - June 24, 2017 Charlie was my mentor, constant companion and creative muse. I owe a lifetime of debt to Charlie because he helped me to see advertising differently; to pick out the most relevant brand advantage and to promote it in a meaningful way.

In January 2020 my blog will start featuring some of the lessons on life + advertising that Charlie taught me. In addition to this new content, I'll continue to add to my past musings on marketing + advertising and challenge you to look at your work critically + differently. 

For people, brands and ad agencies that need help with the development of a clear, compelling vision, smart communication strategies or practical tactics, you can look at my Services, Reputation and Experience pages and learn more about what I do, who I’ve worked with and what some clients think of my work. 

You can e-me here; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at; 416-265-5110.

Here I am with Charles, my mentor, constant companion + creative muse from Jan. 2001 - Jun. 24, 2017.

Charlie and Frank Photography by Piotr Organa.


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