Charlie and Frank

Every now and then we have a life changing experience that seems to erase years of hard won victories. Whether the change is triggered by an accident, a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a lay-off, or a global pandemic, it often takes a while for us to find the balance + perspective that we need in order to get back up + carry on. 

Perspective can change the way we look at life. Seeing new options can remind us that this is not the end; that it’s just another jog in the long path of life. 

This book is about my dog Charlie who taught me that life is not just about the ball you have now. It’s about all of the balls that come and go in the course of your life and what you choose to do with them. Charlie lived with me and my wife, Michelle, in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough. Three times a day, he invited me to enjoy some quiet time - to rediscover the meadows, forests and beaches around our home. On rainy days he invited me to play inside because he didn’t like the rain. His passions included Michelle, me, his teddy bear, as well as most round things.


Who will get the most out of this site.  

Those who want to expand, explore and practice a different point of view that shifts their perspective.


How to read the Lesson posts. 

With an open heart and mind. The Art and Lessons tabs feature Lessons learned from Charlie that will support you as you embrace change. Using stories told in nuanced ways, you are invited to think and do a few things a little differently on the road of life because many of us just need a few simple, practical, perspective altering tools to enable us to navigate change better, and to enjoy life more.



This web and my book are inspired by 365 TAO: Daily Meditations.

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