Clear vision, smart strategies + practical tactics

Since 1978 I've been helping products + brands discover and then promote their advantage(s). Since 2001 I've been helping people with personal branding as well.

I support individuals, brands and agencies as a creative problem solver, as a creative director and as a small agency management coach.

I provoke and challenge the status quo in order to open up and explore the vast mental divide between where your brand is and where you want it to be. The epiphanies we find along the way inform the design and the development of a clear vision, smart strategies and practical tactics that allow you to achieve your goals in a manner consistent with your personal or corporate beliefs and values.

Most of my work is based on these three pillars.

1.  Clear vision. Clear vision is everything. Without it you’re just playing bumper cars on the road of life. While that can be a fun way to explore your options, it’s not a good way to get ahead. Nothing of significance is achieved without a clear, compelling vision.

2. Smart strategies. My smart creative and media strategies connect your organizations present location to your desired destination on intellectual, emotional and practical levels. My strategies make sense in the context of your brand’s terrain, culture and community.

3. Practical tactics. Because all you say and all you do helps your customers believe that they have come to the right place, or the wrong place, my practical communication tactics make your operations, and not your price point, the super hero. Price is what you should talk about when there’s nothing left to say. And if that’s all you want to say, I’m not the man you want to talk to.

For those of you who are driven by the big WHY?, here's mine.

Because I believe that people and brands are at their best when they behave in ways that reveal their goodness, I help brands put their best foot forward (operations), and then explore the best ways in which to share their stories + their goodness with people (marketing + advertising).

My unique approach and extensive experience enable me to do really great work for brands that want to go their own way.


This is me with Charles, my creative muse, my mentor + constant companion from Jan. 2001 - Jun. 24, 2017.

Charlie and Frank Photography by Piotr Organa.


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