If you depend on lists like these you’re in deep shit


 Almost every day I get lists like these. If I collected them all and tried to act on them I don’t think I’d get very far with my day. They remind me of my mother when I was a kid – telling me to wear clean underwear, an undershirt, appropriate cloths, sit up straight, chew my food twenty times, go straight to school, or bed, etc.

Her “lists” were part of her early childhood training routine, not a replacement for it.

The lists I use today are SHORT and rank what projects I need to do, not how to do them. That’s the purview of training which I see less and less of today because everyone wants everything fast + cheap. So there's no time or financial margin left for training.

I wish business leaders would wake up, return to basics and deep-six all these stupid lists.

They are not a substitute for, and a VERY poor supplement to common sense and genuine on-the-job training.

I’m very good at what I do because people took the time to train me, years of practice and my commitment to making the good better and the better best.

Not because I've got a bunch of (how to do) lists.