Sorry, but your voice doesn’t matter any more


Follow this link to the Local News Poverty Map to see how many local media outlets have close, merged, or have been bought up.

Some of my readers will say – BORING . . . who cares! Those media (local paper, radio, TV, station, etc.) were old school, not keeping pace with the times, blah, blah blah. I can’t afford the price of the subscriptions, or the time. I can grab the local news I want / need on my social media apps for free.

Others, like me see something different. Local media – especially paid local media serve the community. Period. They keep local ad dollars in the community and promote opportunities and services in their home community. The loss of local media cannot be replaced by social media because a small business cannot compete for the keywords needed to promote its business online. Many small business owners do not have the time, money or expertise to do so effectively.

From a consumer \ recipient perspective, all social media channels are competing for a tiny sliver of your free time. In turn the small business’s “news or ad” is competing with all of the other feeds you’re getting from friends, family business collegues – and more. All that competition is exacerbated by the social medium’s proprietary algorithm which determines what you and your (paid) audience will see . . . and what it won’t.

At a time when “transparency” and “authenticity” are all the rage in communications, I find it VERY strange that marketing & advertising managers the world over have willingly bankrupted most local media and moved almost all of their ad dollars to on-line search and social media because online media metrics - PPC - is supposedly cheaper and better.

You will never know the truth.

Online media make billions of dollars with their highly proprietary black-box algorithms. You have no way of knowing if the "Ad Reports" are a fair and reasonable refleaction of reality - or not.

On the other hand all old fashioned "offline media" audience figures are reviewed and reported only AFTER they have been independantly audited and verified.