Say No To Black Friday

say no to black friday

Across North America everybody wants more for less – plus a lifetime guarantee. To satisfy this insane and insatiable desire for more cheap food, goods and services, we’ve sent millions of jobs to Asia and India. We’ve also done a wonderful job of teaching our kids that many jobs are not worth doing or having. This mentality has shut down industries and laid waste to cities, towns and individuals all across America and Canada. Where will this end?

When companies do not earn decent profit margins their foundations crumble.

  • They no longer can afford to do research and development.
  • Without leading edge research and development their managers blindly follow the “best practices” of their competitors, and fail.
  • They cut back on staff training and development.
  • They cut back on benefits.
  • Full time staff is rehired as part-time staff with no benefits.
  • Part time staff juggle two, sometimes three, jobs just to make ends meet. No holiday pay, no pension plan, no medical support.
  • Because they are just making ends meet, time and money they can't afford to "support" the arts and those who are less fortunate. 
  • It impacts time at home and time with family and friends - life in general.
  • And on and on it goes - in a giant downward spiral.

A client of mine had his website designed and built in the Philippines to save money. They charge 75% less than I do. Some of the money he'd paid me went back to his car dealership when I needed auto parts or service. The money he paid to the company in the Philippines left Canada and will not be used to buy any of his vehicles, parts or services on Black Friday, or on any other day of the year.

He thought he was smart . . . 

He taught his customers to look for "Fast & Cheap" - not for "Good and long lasting".

He's no longer in business . . . 

He couldn't make up in volume what he lost on margin.

When you charge a fair price and invest the profits in our people, our communities, and industries, we all grow stonger, better and smarter.